My approach

Gestalt is a present-centred, experiential form of therapy. It is based on the premise that change occurs when you accept where you are now. It takes into consideration your whole being – your body, thoughts and emotions.  In this way, Gestalt is considered to be a “holistic” form of therapy.

As a therapist who practices Gestalt therapy, I am interested in where my client is in the present moment. We tend to spend a lot of time thinking – either worrying about the future, or dwelling on the past. It is the practice of bringing ourselves into the here and now that brings change. Change can only occur in the present moment. This is not to say that Gestalt doesn’t address the past or the future. It most certainly does. How is the past getting in the way of your life now? What is stopping you now from achieving your dreams for the future? This is where we begin.

As you start your journey toward change, I will be a supportive, non-judgmental and, sometimes, challenging witness. I will be present with you so that I can see where you get stuck, and provide feedback in a supportive way in order to provide new awareness. With new awareness, you have choice.

Your relationship with your therapist is important. The choice you have made to enter therapy is not necessarily an easy one. The desire to change can be scary, and often we begin therapy because we have tried all other options and nothing has worked.  Gestalt therapy is a co-creative process: who I am as a therapist has an impact on you just as who you are as a client impacts me. As we begin our therapy, I will do my very best to be present with you, to hear you, and to be myself with you. I am honest, direct, and compassionate with my clients in order to provide them with a safe environment where change can occur.

I work with individuals and couples from all backgrounds. All are welcome. I am covered by some extended health plans. For a free phone consultation, please call 647-401-4887. All calls are confidential.